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How it works

How it works - a mentee books a call with you

1. User books a call with you.

How it works - Connect with the user using your preferred mode of communication

2. Connect with the user using your preferred mode of communication.

How it works - Get paid or simply help out

3. Get paid or simply help out.

Why Become a Mentor?

Make a positive impact on others

Your guidance and insight can help thousands of people worldwide improve their situation. Help others grow, add value, build businesses, and so much more! Now is the time to put your knowledge to use while making the world a better place.

Build Your Brand

Gain experience mentoring others while building brand awareness and establishing yourself as a trusted authority. We are here to help you through referrals, traffic, and more! Get your foot in and open a new world of possibilities as your brand soars sky-high.

Get Paid Or Simply Help Out

You can charge by the hour or mentor people for free - the choice is yours. Becoming a coach and mentor is a dream for many, and now you can get paid for your hard-earned knowledge, experience, and advice!

Flexibility And Choice

MentorDial provides the flexibility, freedom, and choice you deserve. Mentors are empowered to make their own decisions regarding hours, rates, clients, and more. We believe giving you control will benefit you and the clients leading to increased success.

Frequently Asked Questions

- At least 5 years of experience in your industry.
- Ability to listen actively, empathize, and put themselves in mentees shoes.
- A passion for giving back to the community and helping people.
- Ability to carry a conversation effectively over digital audio or video conferencing tool.
- Experience in the areas of expertise that you specify in the application form.

1. Using our platform, a user will book a Zoom call with you.
2. You will get an email with a calendar invite.
3. Please show up for the meeting with the user at the specified date and time.
4. You can always reschedule and cancel meetings using the dashboard.
5. Please use the chat function to message the user if there are any issues.

Each call is 30 minutes.

Some mentors might choose to get paid for giving advice. Mentors get paid every 30 days. We will send you a bill.com link after 30 days that you can use to input your bank account or Paypal information. After that, we will automatically deposit all payments to your bank account/Paypal account.

It depends on your experience and expertise. Many mentors do not charge for giving advice, while others charge between $50-$250 per call. Each call is 30 minutes. We will try to promote you as much as possible, but if you want to get more mentees, we encourage you to link to your mentordial profile on social media.

Our mentors are CEOs, founders, marketing genius, product managers, etc. They have day jobs and are busy, but they use our platform because it's not very time-consuming and they get to give back to the community.

Here's what we do to make the platform respectful of your time:

1. Each call with a mentor is 30 minutes.
2. We integrate with Google and Outlook calendar to avoid conflicts.
3. You can cap the number of calls per week or per month. Say you only want to do 1-2 calls per week.
4. We train mentees to prepare beforehand to encourage productive calls.
5. You tell us the days and times you are available and we will work around that.

Once you apply to be a mentor, we will reach out to you for an intro call. You'll get to talk with one of our founders. The intro call is a great way for you to get to know us, for us to get to know you, to give feedback about the process and platform, etc. After the intro call, it takes 1-2 business days for us to make a decision about your application.

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