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5 Tips on Optimizing your Google Ads on a Low Budget

Posted on 5/21/2022, 2:47:12 PM

Google ads revenue topped $134 billion in 2019. You might think that they are ineffective for low-budget advertisers, but that is not the case. When done right, and with the right mentor, you can generate higher ad profit margins at low budgets than other big-budget campaigns. 

Running a PPC campaign makes it possible for you to reach a local audience, build your brand, and increase conversions. 

Here are a few suggestions for optimizing your Google ads.

Use long-tail, low competitive, search intent keywords.

Creating a Google ad starts with selecting the right keywords. You need to select keywords with high intent. Broad one-word keywords get more volume but are hard to compete for at a low budget. Moreover, they are less specific. Do not use generic or broad keywords in your PPC campaigns. For example, "keto" is a broad keyword. "Keto diet plan for weight loss" is a more specific keyword and has a lower search volume with higher intent. You are more likely to convert with such keywords. Try to use long-tail keywords with more than one word and usually have higher intent.

Monitor each click that you get from keywords

In the Google Adwords admin, go to keywords - search terms to see the search terms used for your campaign. If the search terms are not relevant, use negative keywords to block them from being used. Remove underperforming, high CPC, and irrelevant keywords using a negative keyword list. Remember, Google needs to learn from you. It uses the input you tell it to serve ads to the right target audience. 

Create single keyword ad groups

It might be good to focus on a few working keywords and run them in one ad group. SKAG or a single keyword ad group allows you to bid on the keyword that has proven to work for you and allows your ad campaign to be more specific and targeted, giving you a higher chance of a conversion.

Leverage remarketing campaigns

Make sure you set up remarketing campaigns to target people that have seen your ads and have not yet converted. Re-marketing campaigns are helpful because 98% of people do not convert the first time they see your site. You need to remind them to convert.

Optimize your ad quality score

Make sure your keywords are relevant to your ad copy and landing page. Check your keywords' quality scores and try to increase the quality score by optimizing the landing page and ad copy. 

Lastly, It is essential to have a great user experience. The most important advice we can give is to make sure that when people search for a keyword and see your ad copy, you keep the following in mind:

  • That the ad copy is relevant to the search term.
  • The landing page copy is optimized for what the user is searching for.
  • That the landing page loads quickly and the experience is ideal.

For example, for Mentordial, using the keyword "career advice" might not be good because the person searching for it is not necessarily looking for a career coach but advice about their career. We want people looking for mentors for their career or business to click our google ads. A better keyword is "career coach" or "how to find a career coach." When a user searches for that keyword, we make sure the ad copy is specific to that keyword. That is why it is essential to use one keyword per ad group, as that allows you to serve targeted messages specific to what the user is searching for. Lastly, when a user clicks on our ads, our landing page copy is specific to what they are looking for, "finding a career coach."

Mentordial allows you to book a 30-minute call with top industry experts. If you need help optimizing your google ads, we recommend that you book a call with the mentor, Pamela Wagner, on our platform. She can give you the best suggestions that will help you convert users. She is a former Google employee and has helped over 2000 companies grow with Google ads. Good luck!

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