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9 Tips on Writing Killer Facebook Ad Copy that Converts

Posted on 11/14/2022, 4:41:43 PM

Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users per month. It is a channel that is very popular with marketers worldwide. It has high potential and is one of the best marketing platforms to target B2B and B2C. To effectively promote your website on Facebook, you need to know how to write killer ad copy. Here are some tips on how to do so. 

First, make sure you set the correct targeting on Facebook. You want to target the right people. Your target should be as narrow as possible. When it comes to targeting, here are the different kinds of audiences to keep in mind

  • Custom Audiences - Allows you to target existing customers or leads
  • Location - Allows you to target by location
  • Gender - allows you to target by gender
  • Interests - Allows you to target by interest
  • Behaviors - Allows you to target by behavior
  • Connections - Allows you to target people who already like your page

For example, for mentordial.com, we can target users who are interested in career development.

There are different types of ads that you can have on Facebook.

Sponsored posts appear in the newsfeed, while right-hand column ads appear to the right and are suitable for retargeting.

It's essential to get the text right for your ads. Good targeting will allow you to persuade people to click on your call to action and convert. 

Here are some tips on writing compelling ads

  • First, narrow your audience. Write to one person who is your target audience. Have a good understanding of who your audience is. Be sure that you can answer the following questions:
    • What do they like, and what are their interests?
    • Where are they based geographically?
    • What is their age group?
    • What does their online behavior look like?
  • Write different ads for different people
  • Ensure the ads corresponds with the ad creatives that you use. Use websites like canva.com to create compelling ad creatives.
  • Stay focused on one call to action. Call to action can be brand awareness, lead generation, or sales. 
  • Keep it short and lead with value. What does your audience get out of using your product? How will it help them? 
  • Use simple language that is on the 5th-grade level to attract customers. You should be able to answer the following questions.
    • What are you offering
    • How it benefits the customer
    • What to do next

For example, for a mentordial ad, we can have the following:

  • What are you offering (mentorship services)
  • How it benefits the customers (get the advice they need to grow their career)
  • What to do next (book a call with a mentor)
  • Be upfront with customers about costs. Be as transparent as possible
  • Get advice from colleagues about your ads. What do they think about it? Do they have any feedback? Use that feedback to iterate and improve the ad.
  • Test the ad copy by running A/B tests. Facebook allows you to run A/B tests on your ads. To learn about how to run an A/B test, check out this tutorial about running Facebook A/B tests.

Here are some other tips

  • Use numbers in your ads. It helps with credibility.
  • Use FOMO or the fear of missing out. For example, you can say "For a limited time only ...." 
  • Give users a discount if they sign up.
  • Arouse curiosity.
  • Have empathy - Always try to understand what your audience is going through.
  • Use social proof - What do other people think about your app? Do you have testimonials that use to attract users?

Here are some examples of killer ad copy:

How to write killer ad copy - Solyent example

The Soylent post arouses user curiosity by asking a simple question: "What does it taste like". The ad creative matches the ad copy and is eye-catching. There's a consistent narrative throughout the ad. It challenges people to taste Soylent.

How to write killer ad copy - Microsoft example

The Microsoft Ad does an excellent job of describing how the product is better than the competition. It's the ultimate choice that "saves money" and the "next laptop." 

How to write killer ad copy - Asana example

The Asana ad is bright and creative. It tells you the benefits of using Asana: "Make work less work." It also arouses curiosity with the bold headline: "Whatever you can do, you can do with Asana" The clear call to action encourages people to sign up. The "free" encourages people to sign up. What is there to lose if it's free? 

Writing Facebook ad copy is hard. If you need a mentor to help you, book a call with a marketing expert by going to mentordial.com. Our Facebook ad experts are well-versed in Facebook ads and can help you get unstuck. 

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