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Cracking the Product Manager Interview

Posted on 5/2/2022, 1:20:47 PM

Are you currently looking for a Product Manager position? Our experts have worked at Google and Amazon. Here’s what they say about preparing for the Product Manager interview.

Interviewing takes courage, spectacular communication skills, and extensive prep. But don’t worry, with enough preparation, you can do it!


Make sure that you do your research before the interview. Go through the company’s website and try to understand its mission, vision, values, and culture. You want to show the interviewer that you've done your research about the company and that you're passionate about working there. 

Become familiar with its products or services and competitors

Try to have a good understanding of the company’s products and services. If you can use the product or service, that would be great. Identify areas of improvement. Research competitors and see what they are doing differently. Try to have a good understanding of the market before going in for the interview.


A Product Manager must have spectacular communication skills. Brevity is key. Don’t ramble. When asked a question, spend 30 seconds thinking of the answer, and then answer the question. This will show them that you are thoughtful. If you can explain your idea in 2 minutes, then it’s a good idea. 

Focus on impact

When describing past experiences, focus on impact. How did your past work impact your previous company when it comes to key metrics? What impact did it have on engagement, user base, or revenue? Explain your projects in a concise manner and the quantitative impact that they brought. For example, project X increase monthly revenue by 3%. Be as specific as possible.

Demonstrate applicable experience and skills

How does your past role relate to the job you are applying for? Give specific examples. 

Bring new ideas

Interviewers want candidates who can bring new ideas to the table. They want to hire people who will bring positive change to the company and will have some creative ideas that will boost business. That is why it is important to do your research beforehand and have as many ideas as your can that will make a positive impact.

Problem-solving mindset

Interviewers will test your problem-solving skills. They want to know how you tackle daily problems. How would you go about improving the product? They will ask you problem-solving questions. It’s important to review their product critically. Think about the most important thing to fix or improve and have great ideas to improve them.

Curiosity feeds the cat

You should also interview your interviewers after the interview. Ask them smart questions about the culture, the company, the role, etc. Make sure these questions are not Googleable. You want to make sure that the company is the right fit. So many people don’t do this and when they start the job, they find themselves in tough situations where it’s either a toxic environment to work in, etc. Make sure that you are making the right decision.

Passion is golden

Demonstrate a passion for the role. Show the interviewer that you care about the mission of the company. Interviewers want to see that you care about the job and that you have a lot to bring to the table. They want to know that if you don’t have certain skills, you are coachable. Emphasize to them your ability to learn quickly. 

Interviewing is hard, but you can do it! Believe in yourself. Preparation is key. If you need help with the interview, book a 1-1 video call with some of our mentors who work as Product Managers at leading companies. They can help you get unstuck.

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