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Getting Into YC

Posted on 4/8/2022, 4:02:00 PM

Getting into YC is a great accomplishment for many founders. Over 10,000 startups apply per cycle, but only 2% are accepted. Those who are accepted receive access to $500,000 in financial investment. It's also a prime networking opportunity. Even if you do not get accepted, going through the application process is such a great learning opportunity that it will help make your startup better.

Anyone can apply to YC. You must be a co-founder or a founder in the technology space with at least 10% equity in the business. YC focuses on tech startups of various kinds, but you do not need to be a software developer to apply. Moreover, you do not need connections to get into YC. It's a very democratic process. 

You do have to have traction to apply. Dropbox was accepted without having a full team and before raising a full round. However, if you don't have traction, you'll need to convince YC why your idea is solid and why customers will use your solution. Also, why is your team the one to make this a reality? Around 1/3 of founders who are accepted have little traction with just an idea. 

Keep your application concise and to the point. The people going through your application review thousands of applications. Don't make it overly complicated. Avoid complicated jargon. Write in plain English and explain what your company does and why customers need it. Before submitting your application, find one person who got into YC and ask them to review your application. You'll find several mentors who can help you with this on mentordial.com.

Be upfront about your weaknesses. YC wants to see that you've thought through your flaws and have a solid plan to address them. Be the first to bring up your flaws and plan to address them. 

In addition to the YC application, you'll have to go through an interview. YC will ask you basic questions about your startup like how do you plan to get customers. What do you see as the next step for your company? Talk to a mentor beforehand to conduct mock interviews. Google the questions that you might get asked and prepare for them beforehand. Make sure you are not the only person talking. Your whole team should talk to avoid seeming redundant. Practice by pitching to angel investors. Be prepared for the demo.

If you don't get in, keep applying. Many founders get in on their second or third try. Make sure you're getting better though.

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