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How to get 10K LinkedIn Followers Organically in 2022

Posted on 4/21/2022, 2:06:16 PM

Want to grow the number of followers to your LinkedIn profile? Here are some tips on how to do so in 2022.

Optimize your profile

When people visit your profile, they ask themselves, is this someone I can trust? Can this person benefit me? Is this person a real person? We recommend that you include a summary, headline, and professional photo in your profile. Make it complete. Fill out all of the sections. A professional photo is a must. First impressions matter. You do not want people to have a bad first impression by looking at your profile picture.

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Connect with people you know

Send connection requests to people you know. This may include friends, family, and colleagues. Over time, connect with people that you are familiar with. People will reach out to you if they have mutual connections. Remember that people think that profiles with few connection requests are less trustworthy. The more connections you have, the better. 

Write LinkedIn articles to establish your expertise

What are you good at? Write LinkedIn articles about what you know. People will follow and share your posts if they find value in them, which will make your profile more discoverable and help you grow your audience.

Share photos on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not Instagram so don’t overdo it. Some people prefer photos and find them engaging. By sharing photos, you are attracting these people and encouraging them to follow and share your posts. Share what you are proud of. Did you accomplish something recently? Share that.

Create a publish videos on LinkedIn

Share life lessons and business experiences as well as short how-to stories and quick wins. Add subtitles to your videos to help those who prefer reading and who have hearing problems.

Livestream on LinkedIn

Go live on LinkedIn. Broadcast your webinar. Share interesting insights. This is a perfect way to get followers.

Use hashtags in every post

People often follow specific hashtags. Don’t use more than 3 hashtags per post. People will organically discover your profile based on the hashtags. Research hashtags carefully and check that they have enough followers and relevant content.

Tag connections and companies in your post

Use the @ key and the person’s name to grow your audience. Oftentimes, people will get a notification and share your post, making you more discoverable on LinkedIn. This will also increase engagement with your posts. Your post will be shown to their audience and some of their people will comment on the post and become followers. 

Create breaking style news post

If you are the first to report on something, people are more likely to follow you because you’re adding value. Be the first to have an opinion that nobody else is sharing. Give news a unique spin. What do you think about it?

Show up every day

Post consistently. When people are liking, commenting, and sharing, your posts will be shown to more people, and more people will follow you.

Create a viral post on LinkedIn

Think about ways to go viral on LinkedIn. TikTok is a source of inspiration here.

Create your own LinkedIn Group 

Creating a LinkedIn group allows you to attract a niche audience. Get the community engaged. As the group grows, people will invite other members. 

Collaborate with connections

Interview other people especially those with many followers. Their followers will follow you too!

Create a call to action in every post

In every post, encourage people to follow you and tell them why. What are they getting by following you? Write your call to action in your LinkedIn profile description. Give people a reason for following you and tell them what kind of content you will be sharing.

Promote your LinkedIn profile everywhere

Promote your profile on your website, other social media, email descriptions, etc.

Create a paid LinkedIn advertising campaign

Create an ad campaign to advertise your LinkedIn profile. 

Keep your profile up to date

When something comes up like you change jobs or you accomplish something interesting, post that on your LinkedIn. 

Make sure that your profile is up to date. You’re on a journey with your followers, keep them on that path.

Reply to comments

When people engage with your posts, reply to them and develop a bond. Engage with your audience and let them know that you value their opinion. If you do, they will come back and maybe will get other people to follow you too.

Thank people for sharing

When people share your content, thank them for sharing. People want to feel appreciated. Making them feel appreciated will encourage them to share more of your content. Go to the analytics tab to see what posts are being shared. The more people share your content, the more people will see your content and you’ll get more followers.

Connect with your biggest fans

Connect with people who are sharing and engaging with your content. Encourage them to continue to do this. By keeping your fans happy, you’re increasing the likelihood that other people will discover your content organically.

There are more tips on how to get more followers on LinkedIn, but these are some to start with. If you need more help, book a call with a mentor on mentordial.com today. Our LinkedIn experts can help you get started right away.

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