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Why I'm I not getting a promotion?

Posted on 1/16/2023, 8:40:07 PM

Say you've been at the company for many years. You've taken on more responsibilities, but you still need to get promoted. We talked to several career experts about why, and here is what they had to say.

Promotions are not based on tenure.

Just because you've been at the company for ten years does not mean you deserve a promotion. It's what you've done at the company that determines whether you deserve a promotion. It's about progress and the steps you take toward advancement. Some co-workers may be getting promoted after 1-2 years. If you are not getting encouraged, speak with your manager about why.

Take credit for your work 

Some people are shy and don't take credit for their work. They might also say it's not a big deal. Make sure your boss knows that your contributions aren't small. Don't shy away from compliments at work. Keep track of your achievements and progress to build a case with your manager about your success and growth.

Bosses don't read minds

Just because you want a promotion does not mean your boss knows that. Only some employees wish for a promotion because that equates to more responsibilities. Let your boss know about it. Sit down with him and have an honest conversation about what it will take to get a promotion and how to get there. 

You need to demonstrate leadership skills

Promotions often mean overseeing and managing other workers. It would help if you showed that you could be an effective leader and manager. It would help if you indicated that you are willing to gain those skills. Demonstrate empathy. See the examples set by managers at your company. Hone your managerial communications and team-building skills. 

Analyzing past performance reviews 

You might get good reviews but no promotion. If that's the case, it's time to sit down with your manager and figure out what's up. Have an honest conversation about what is going on. Try to understand what it will take to get a promotion and how to get there.

Responding to feedback 

It's essential to be open to constructive criticism. You are seen as challenging to work with because you get defensive when someone gives you feedback. Be open to criticism and willing to change. It would help if you used this feedback to improve your performance. Resist the desire to argue when it's true.

Staying in your comfort zone

You might be more focused on the roles of your current job rather than going above and beyond. Challenging yourself and showing your boss that you're willing to take on more challenging work is essential.

Need to get promoted? Do you want to talk to an expert about it? 

Here are some experts to talk to below. Book a call with a mentor today.

Nivetha Thirunavukkarasu

A continuous learner who is passionate about internet businesses and e-commerce. I have over 8 years of experience in building marketplace strategy of a leading South-East Asia ecommerce company, expanding their presence in the region and building their cross-border business, all while ensuring that we build a sustainable revenue model and driving the company's profitability.

I am now onto my next adventure, where i am building Tiktok's ecommerce business, just that it's not just SEA this time, but Global.

I have had many successful projects, but I have also failed, and these have taught me invaluable lessons and the importance of humility and mentorship.

I am here to help anyone interested in understanding how marketplaces work, intrigued by metaverse, or chatting about the corporate world/startups.

Vítor Hugo Marin Roque

I've been working for Microsoft for the past six years. Accumulating experience in product marketing, partner management & marketing, creating lead generation campaigns from scratch, and guiding the strategy for several products Europe-wide. On the side, I also have experience with Social Selling, helping several colleagues and partners build a professional LinkedIn, and teaching them how to create a network and engage on LinkedIn, either to sell or get a job.

Jolie Adam

I'm a customer-centric Product manager with experience in the B2B digital space. I advocate for usability testing, user interview, and A/B testing to gather insights into user behavior, pain points, and feedback.

Experience in building products, processes, and documentation to drive user adoption and reduce customer churn rate.

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