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Why you're not getting the job that you want

Posted on 9/29/2022, 12:42:16 PM

You've applied for jobs, but you're not able to get one. What are you doing wrong? Here are the top 10 reasons why you might not be getting hired:

Your resume or cover letter does not match the job

How are you suited for the particular role? Make sure that your resume is not generic and that it matches the job description. Hiring managers are looking for someone who fits the job description. Help them! Tailor your application to each type of role. 

Your resume is not formatted for ATS

Your resume goes through an applicant tracking system before reaching the hiring manager. This software scans your application and helps hiring managers manage the search. You should include keywords that are specific to the job description. Try to avoid fancy formatting, graphics, or columns. Try to use standard section headlines like experience and education.

You're applying for the wrong jobs

You might be applying for jobs that don't match you. Read the job description to make sure that there's a fit. Do you have the skills needed for the job? Make sure you're not underqualified for the role or that you're not overqualified. Hiring managers avoid hiring overqualified people for entry-level roles because they might leave. 

You're not applying for enough jobs

To get a job, you should apply for many jobs. Some jobs are not exactly what you want, but they can get you where you want to go someday. Maybe the particular job you're applying for is not your dream job, but spending two years there might help you get your dream job.

You're not telling people about your job search.

You should be networking! Tell people that you're looking for a job. Post on your social media that you're looking to get hired. Maybe one of your friends has a connection that can help. 

You are getting phone screens or first round interviews, but nothing after that

You need to prepare

Are you preparing for the phone interviews? There are courses and articles online that can help you prepare. Make sure that you research the company. Prepare your pitch. Have your pitch and salary expectations ready to go. If you need help, book a call with an expert at mentordial.com today.

Research the company. 

Make sure you get to know the company. Do enough research on the company. Email your contacts on LinkedIn who worked at the company. What were there experiences like? What do you think about the company's products and services? How would you improve their products and services? 

Need to prep for the interview

It would help if you prepped for the interview. You can do mock interviews. You can schedule a call with an expert at mentordial.com, and they will help you with the interview process. Look at common interview questions and have an answer to them. Don't memorize answers like a robot. 

You need to have strong interview skills.

It's not enough to prepare for the interview; you should practice strong interview skills like active listening, storytelling, eye contact, and body language. Do mock interviews to practice these skills.

You're not doing well with the technical screen.

You might not be doing well with the technical screen. You might want to study. Plenty of books can help you prepare for the technical screen. You might also want to book a call with an expert at mentordial.com. They can help you with the technical screen.

You are getting multiple interviews but no offers.

You have the skills but not the story

You are not getting offers because you don't have the right story. Why do you want the job? You need to explain why the job makes sense as the next step in your career. How does the job fit in your professional development?

You're coming off a little too strong

You might seem too excited. Show off your interest in the job and your knowledge about the company. Don't appear too early at the interview because this will make the hiring manager feel awkward. Write a thank you note to the hiring manager with details about the conversation. Don't call every day to ask for updates about the role. Check your interviewers on Linkedin before the interview. Don't friend them on Facebook. Stay calm and be yourself.

You need to stand out more.

There are many candidates that the hiring manager must choose from. What makes you different from the rest? 

You were too negative.

You don't want to badmouth previous employers. You want to be as positive as possible. When talking about the company, don't seem pessimistic about the problems the company has. Think of solutions instead of issues. 

You didn't prep your references.

Make sure your references are on the same page as you. You don't want them contradicting you. Give your references a call beforehand. Send them your resume or cover letter.

You got this! You can still turn this around. If you are not getting the jobs you want, book a call with an expert at mentordial.com, and we can help. Don't get discouraged. It will get better.

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