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Expertise Work-Life-Balance
Eugene Song

VP, Product Management @ BrainPop (ex-NBC Universal, ex-New York Times)

Manisha Talwar

Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ Amazon

Aileen Axtmayer

Career Coach and Corporate Wellness Speaker

Clemens Raemy

Co-CEO & Co-Founder @ Kenbi


Deepti Rai

Senior Data Scientist @ LinkedIn

Molly Dickinson

Naming & Branding Strategist, Founder & Creative Director

Aileen Jiang

Global Product Lead @ Google

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Our mentors worked at Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, Stripe.

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Our mentors specialize in a variety of areas. When you browse through the list of mentors, you can filter based on areas of expertise. We help business people find a job, land a good job, launch a business, grow a business, and grow their skills. If you are feeling stuck, you will probably find someone on the platform that can help. Try us out and book a call today!

Mentoring is a great way to give back to the community and make a positive impact. It also allows you to build connections, meet new people, learn new things, and make some money. MentorDial is not as time consuming as other platforms. We built the system in a way that is very respectful to the mentor's busy schedules. We give you an easy to use dashboard to control who you want to mentor, when you want to mentor, etc.

We find that 30 minutes is usually enough for most calls. We recommend that you use your 30 minutes efficiently by providing the mentor as much information as possible when booking a call. If you need more than 30 minutes, you can book additional calls with the expert. Some of our mentees book calls on a weekly or monthly basis.

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