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Cesar Urrutia

Cofounder @ Space AGCofounder @ Space AG

career expert works at Space AG Works at Space AG. Lives in Peru

More than 20 years of experience building 3 tech startups in different countries. Raised $1.5M for various startups. My background is on remote sensing, satellites, drones and artificial intelligence. Currently I have an agtech startup transforming the agriculture industry in 6 countries with more t...
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It was an interesting and insightful conversation. Cesar could share about his experience as a tech entrepreneur. From starting his business, to raising capital and the technology he develops. Many can learn from his path. Thank you for your time.

Charles-Antoine Binet

Cesar was kind to walk me through his journey from university to an entrepreneurship. It felt to me like a story of a real person who cared about real problems in the world. His goal is to improve farmer's lives, and extend their impact on food production. We have all heard, "Dream big", and during this chat with Cesar I saw how its done. Among so many insights, here are my top takeaways: - Be brave - to amplify the impact of your current work. Be brave to ask for help. - When hiring someone, dig deeper into their approach and motivations especially when they bring different skills to the current mix. - Be careful with growth, don't pivot too fast. - His quote, "Be stubborn, everything is possible" [despite the curveballs life throws at you]. - Another quote I truly loved, "Success is a start of mind". Thank you Cesar, I am extremely grateful that our paths crossed here on Mentordial.

Rohit Jain

Great person and entrepreneur, it was a pleasant and useful conversation.

Danilo Valle

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