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Vítor Hugo Marin Roque

Product Marketing Manager @ MicrosoftProduct Marketing Manager @ Microsoft

career expert works at Microsoft Works at Microsoft. Lives in Spain

I've been working for Microsoft for the past 6 years. Accumulating experience in product marketing, partner management & marketing, creating lead generation campaigns from scratch and guiding the strategy for several products Europe wide. On the side, I also have experience with Social Selling, help...
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Product Marketing Manager

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Vítor has been very friendly, helpful and effective mentor. I can't wait to put in place his suggestions!

Andrea Moia

Vitor was a nice mentor, we had a nice call that was useful to see my career position better from and external POV

Radhe Telange

Vitor is very proactive and helpful when mentoring me. He embedded his product marketing mindset with practical tips to advise my profile. I highly recommend it!

Qiao Xing Li (Xing)

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