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Zia Mohammad

Senior Product Manager @ AWS QuantumSenior Product Manager @ AWS Quantum

career expert works at Amazon Works at Amazon. Lives in United States of America

Navigating a career, let alone pivoting is difficult. Zia's able to offer advice on how to pivot your career, find work life balance, and how to improve your resume.

He is based in New York City and is working with Amazon as a Sr Product Manager.
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Senior Product Manager

When did the career coach work at a company? April 2022 - Present

Senior Product Manager

When did the career coach work at a company? June 2021 - April 2022

Senior Product Manager

When did the career coach work at a company? May 2017 - May 2021

Fundamentals of Engineering Teaching Assistant

When did the career coach work at a company? January 2013 - January 2017


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Had a very helpful chat with Zia about interview prep and also about the PM role at different organizations. He shared multiple examples from his personal experience and gave good feedback on working at small vs big orgs.

Nikhil Sapru

Zia is an amazing mentor. He helped me save a lot of time pivoting into the Product Management by providing guidance on what to start with and where to look. He also provided me with a lot of reading suggestions that helped me understand the subject and get myself prepared for a pivot and interviews!

Denis Tocarev

Zia is an excellent mentor. He's candid, knowledgeable about Product, and gives amazing actionable advice. I will book with him again!

Alex Acosta

Zia was great - he not only shared his opinion on my questions/situations at work, but also shared additional resources and frameworks that I was able to leverage. Would recommend a chat with him. Lovely person and great chat!

Tav Agarwal

The call was great. Zia was able to identify my struggles pretty clearly and was a very nice guy in general even if my call quailty was not the best, providing direct and actionable solutions for the issues at hand. Recommended.

Radhe Telange

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