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Co-CEO & Co-Founder @ Kenbi

Works at Kenbi.  Lives in Germany

Raised over 30 million dollars for health care startup, Kenbi. Previously founded venture based Safer Taxi. Harvard Business School and Yale grad.


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John Kuehnert
Great chat, very helpful!

Gopal Vashishtha
Clemens gave me great advice on how to deal with VCs, helped me build confidence going into this round of fundraising.

Joaquin Rodriguez Montero
Clemens provided us with great feedback on our pitch deck and fundraising process. He went straight to the point with humbleness, based on his own experience on both sides of the table. Gracias por tu tiempo! j

David Fox
Clemens is awesome! Clemens is incredibly knowable about all things venture capital and shared some game changing insights into what VC investors really value and the best way to position my company to attract the right money. This session with Clemens was worth thousands of dollars, so it was amazing to get it for free! Love MentorDial.

Abbey Minondo
Clemens deserves 10/5 stars - he is incredible! He reached out to me on LinkedIn and we spoke for about 30 minutes about my career goals. His thoughtful professional advice was very instrumental in how I think about what I want to do next, how I want to approach further education, and his positive energy really was infectious! Thanks for taking the time to spend the afternoon (evening in Germany) with me!

Rich James
Clemens is an amazing mentor and a great guy! I can honestly say I learned more from him about the ins and outs of traditional fundraising in 30 mins than I did in 2 years. I can't recommend him enough if you're serious about getting where you need to be with your business and fundraising. 6/5 stars!

michael kelly
It's an absolute pleasure talking with Clemens. He is extremely intelligent and he knows what it's like to build a startup. He's able to point me in all the right directions which will help me achieve my goal. When introducing a new software product to people it is difficult for them to understand the issues I will face, Clemens knows what this is like and that feedback is a critical step along the way.