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Heidi Finn

Sr. Director of Product Design @ GoDaddy | start-up advocate | ex-PayPalSr. Director of Product Design @ GoDaddy | start-up advocate | ex-PayPal

career expert works at GoDaddy Works at GoDaddy. Lives in United States of America

I am a design leader at GoDaddy, where I am currently growing a team of 35 designers. I have 20 years of experience leading teams, driving strategy, and building great products. My day-to-day efforts are focused on product design strategy, creating a scalable team to deliver on it. My team focuses o...
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Senior Director of Product Design, Commerce

When did the career coach work at a company? March 2022 - Present

Senior Design Manager, Consumer In-Store and Digital Commerce

When did the career coach work at a company? July 2020 - March 2021

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

When did the career coach work at a company? August 2012 - July 2015

Director of Product and Business Development & Co-Founder

When did the career coach work at a company? January 2011 - September 2013

Principal Designer

When did the career coach work at a company? January 2001 - February 2017


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Heidi is phenomenal. She went above and beyond to have a real substantive conversation about design, career, life, and took time to answer my questions in detail. I gained a tremendous amount of confidence that I translated right away into the interviews that followed. The platform made this connection so easy, I am really blown away. Thank you!

Scott Smith

Had a great chat with Heidi discussing how to choose the next step in your career as a designer, and some of the best environments to learn

Adam Tillner-Smith

We need more folks like Heidi to enter the coaching landscape. During the mentorship call, we navigated through my X years of experience and a little bit of her background and experience. She asked clarification-type questions to better understand my context and stitched together effective ways to make my Resume better and how I could position myself better. I feel empowered and more confident after the coaching session. Thank you, Heidi!

Rohit Jain

Was really helpful in making corrections to my portfolio and reminding me of illustrating my decision making.

Dyan Bermeo

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