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Software Sales @ Splunk

Works at Splunk.  Lives in Canada

Entrepreneurial results-driven sales professional with a demonstrated record in sales success, creativity, and initiative

These are some high-level areas that I’m interested in learning about and would love to connect with like-minded folks:

Investing - Private Equity & Real Estate...


Next available:
Andrew Alex
Jeff is a great mentor, we chatted for more than an hour instead of 30 minutes (sorry about the gym buddy!). Jeff helped me to understand how I want to drive my business forward in sales and how to hire the head of sales.

michael kelly
I had a wonderful discussion with Jeff, I felt at ease and comfortable explaining my software startup to him. He was engaging and gave me some valuable feedback. When I explain my startup idea to most people they don't know how to react but Jeff was very supportive and was happy for me and was willing to advise me which was extremely helpful. Thank You very much Michael A. Kelly