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Kyle Lubieniecki

Senior Product Manager II @ CourseraSenior Product Manager II @ Coursera

career expert works at Coursera Works at Coursera. Lives in Canada

I love working with great people to solve big problems. Passionate about platforms that help people succeed at scale.

6+ years of Product Management experience across B2B SaaS, B2B Payments, and Product Led Growth. Specialize in Business, Product, and Go-to-Market Strategies, Lean Experimen...
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Senior Product Manager

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Kyle is an expert in providing succinct feedback right just where you need it. I like his professional and straight-to-the-points communication.

Qiao Xing Li (Xing)

Session was really great. Got lot to learn from him. He recommended some of the articles for reference. It was nice meeting with him.

Hansa Sahu

It was excellent. I had unusual questions for my learning process, and Kyle was patient and adaptive to help me think through things. The call was extremely focused the entire way through. He came up with some links and other material on the fly, which helps me prepare for the next steps.

Zachary Jones

Kyle was very attentive and provided feedback for my product manager interview concerns. He was helpful in address where I might be failing, and what I could do to improve!

Arvin Karibasic

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