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Nivetha Thirunavukkarasu View LinkedIn Profile for Nivetha Thirunavukkarasu


Global Seller Experience Strategy Lead @ Bytedance

Works at Bytedance.  Lives in Singapore

A continuous learner who is passionate about internet businesses and e-commerce. I have over 8 years of experience in building marketplace strategy of a leading South-East Asia ecommerce company, expanding their presence in the region and building their cross-border business, all while ensuring that...


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Dikshita Chandrasekaran
She is a wonderful cheerleader!

Sadhana Ramanujam
Nivetha is a great listener and when we first connected, it helped that we had a similar background/ work experience. I look forward to collaborating more with her in the coming weeks.

Prashant Kamani
Nivetha is super humble and such a good listener. She gives life-altering insights, which if implemented surely bears fruit. An amazing mentor to have. I look forward to our discussions.

Ravi B
If you are in ecommerce and/or just starting out in ecommerce, a call with Nivetha is a must have! She is a walking ecommerce encyclopedia, having designed ecommerce strategy, and built and managed teams in Southeast Asia and North America. I have spoken to several ecommerce consultants from firms like McKindet, BCG etc. but none of them possess knowledge in the space even close to what Nivetha possesses. The call with Nivetha was like drinking from a fire hose, and her warm personality made it super fun to be on the call.