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Product & GTM Leader @ LinkedInProduct & GTM Leader @ LinkedIn

career expert works at LinkedIn Works at LinkedIn. Lives in United States of America

● Entrepreneurial leader with 10+ years of experience in growing organizations across diverse industries (e.g., Consulting, Tech, Fintech, Retail, Wellness), developing teams from 2 to 100 people within 2.5 years and influencing 500,000+ customers through events, workshops, and keynotes

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Rishi was extremely helpful when it came to advising me on starting my business. He assisted with budgeting/number crunching and gave me ballpark estimates on startup costs. Highly recommend!!

elise d

Rishi was a very attentive listener and helped me brainstorm and find some good solutions. Thanks Rishi!

Nick Fiacco

Rishi gave excellent feedback on the PM role at larger orgs vs startups. Also shared advice on finding the right opportunities and connecting with hiring managers.

Nikhil Sapru

Rishi is incredibility knowledgeable and generous. He has an awesome strategic mindset and quickly helped me clarify my vision, discover new opportunities, and understand how to scale much more effectively. Plus, Rishi is a rare type of person - one who genuinely cares about making a positive impact in the world and helping people succeed. I’m grateful to have Rishi as a mentor and believe his direction will make a huge difference in the future of my start-up!

David Fox

The call went great! It was very helpful to go through a few thinking exercises with Rishi.

Andrew Selvadurai


Sayma Khan

Rishi helped me to improve my networking skills (right questions to ask people). Also helped me in the end to end understanding of how an industry work and the role of PM in it. I'm very happy that Rishi is my mentor. I am sure that following the guidelines said by Rishi makes me achieve my dream goal. Thanks Rishi.

Anusha Kovi

I found Rishi quite knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He patiently went through the problem with me and provided some valuable advise. Great guy! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for advice on product management.

Suren Pillai

Amazing mentor!

Alex Acosta

Great session with a great mentor. Lots of good insights.

Danilo Valle

He was very knowledgeable and helpful! He gave clear directions on how to create a long-term vision. I look forward to connecting with him again.

Eric Na

Thank you Rishi for great suggestions i can apply. It was great to talk to someone who has walked similar path and has techniques to achieve success. The practical wisdom towards product and life is highly appreciated. Thanks again!!

vijay raghavan

It was great, some of his counter question was thought provoking and list out the key point to be in this role.

Hansa Sahu

It was great meeting with him. Really amazed to learn from him.

Hansa Sahu

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