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Robert Manly

Principal Product Manager @ AmazonPrincipal Product Manager @ Amazon

career expert works at Amazon Works at Amazon. Lives in United States of America

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Currently at Amazon in the Advertising Technology org. I have worked at small early stage companies up through acquisition with most of my work centered on B2B products that require data science expertise. My path to being a product manager was somewhat non-traditional as I went from aiming for acad...
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Principal Product Manager, Data Science

When did the career coach work at a company? September 2020 - Present

Senior Product Manager

When did the career coach work at a company? October 2013 - September 2015

Product Manager - Data Operations

When did the career coach work at a company? July 2009 - September 2013


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Super helpful!

Yixing Yao

Exceptional feedback, great resources and insights. Speaking with Robert is a great opportunity and it's always amazing to see a mentor jump on the call with the intention of vigorously paddling the raft with you to get to the goal and not go over the falls. Thanks Robert!

Dr Tom Chi

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