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Ski Senthil Kumar Iyyappan

Senior Manager and Principal Advisor, Information SecuritySenior Manager and Principal Advisor, Information Security

career expert works at Freshworks Works at Freshworks. Lives in India

I am passionate about information security and people enablement. Having worked with customers across the globe in the last 12 years, I understand and like the various cultural aspects.

After completing my Engineering in Information & Communication Technology I started as a developer and wi...
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Fundraising Volunteer

When did the career coach work at a company? January 2021 - Present

Chief of Squad

When did the career coach work at a company? August 2019 - Present

Senior Manager, Information Security

When did the career coach work at a company? May 2018 - Present

Manager, Information Security

When did the career coach work at a company? November 2012 - May 2018

Research Assistant Intern

When did the career coach work at a company? December 2009 - May 2010


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It was great session with Ski Senthil Kumar Iyyappan sir. He gave career path and how to achieve that step by step. I now started to work on that and would have connecting session after few months to discuss further on how to land on the aspired job. Thank you sir for your session.

Kamalakannan D

Had a wonderful conversation with Mr. Senthil Kumar Iyyappan. He explained me about the various career paths available within the cyber security domain. This conversation really helped me to figure out a plan for my career. I would highly recommend him as a mentor for people looking for career guidance in cyber security.

Charumathy Sankararaman

Well-structured answers and honest feedback. I really liked the conversation. Thanks Senthil for your time.

Manish Arya

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