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Senior Product Manager, ML/RL Products | Ex-IBM | Ex-Startup | Web3 Enthusiast

Works at Amazon.  Lives in United States of America

Product management is all about empathizing with users, identifying opportunities, as well as collaborating with others. I love ideating and executing from 0 to 1. Whether it's a growing startup or a publicly traded company. I really love helping aspiring product managers break into this evasive pro...


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Wajida Ashraf
He was very friendly and clear in communication. Gave me some good real time tips for career growth. Felt so positive after our converstaion. Great personality!!!

Sazia Nowshin
My talk with Tristan was so helpful and refreshing! He gave me such a unique insight that really resonated with me, and reassured me about my product management journey!

Denis Tocarev
Amazing mentor! Very informative and guided me in the right direction as well as provided necessary advises and connected with great people!

Harshi Thaker
Speaking with Tristan was great. I could relate to him so much because he spoke to me about his experiences and learnings. He instills confidence when talking to you. Thank you, Tristan!

Nikhil Sapru
Tristan shared his experience of transitioning from a startup to a larger company. He is knowledgeable about PM work at startups and larger companies. Great person to chat if you're looking to break into Product Management or want to learn more about the role.

Blessing Mikairu
It was a pleasure speaking with Tristan. He was relatable, and he gave solid advice.

Luc Brown
Tristan listened to my story and provided insights on how to position my network for future opportunities and shaping my past experiences to highlight their relation to product. Was a valuable conversation and look forward to speaking in the future.

John Paul Onuh
Tristan is friendly, and I look up to having more chat with him.