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Senior Product Manager @ AWS Quantum

Works at Chime.  Lives in United States of America

Zia Mohammad is currently a Sr Product Manager at Amazon working on the AWS Quantum Computing offering - Braket.

His experiences in B2B and B2C product management have exposed him to the commercialization of leading technologies in the Natural Language Processing, Quantum Computing, and Fi...


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Nikhil Sapru
Had a very helpful chat with Zia about interview prep and also about the PM role at different organizations. He shared multiple examples from his personal experience and gave good feedback on working at small vs big orgs.

Denis Tocarev
Zia is an amazing mentor. He helped me save a lot of time pivoting into the Product Management by providing guidance on what to start with and where to look. He also provided me with a lot of reading suggestions that helped me understand the subject and get myself prepared for a pivot and interviews!