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Rishi is incredibility knowledgeable and generous. He has an awesome strategic mindset and quickly helped me clarify my vision, discover new opportunities, and understand how to scale much more effectively. Plus, Rishi is a rare type of person - one who genuinely cares about making a positive impact in the world and helping people succeed. I’m grateful to have Rishi as a mentor and believe his direction will make a huge difference in the future of my start-up!
testimonial for mentordial

David Fox

Chief Marketing Officer

Nir is an inspirational mentor! He gave me not only valuable advice but also the courage to pursue my passion.
testimonial for mentordial

Sandy Xu

Product Manager

Clemens provided us with great feedback on our pitch deck and fundraising process. He went straight to the point with humbleness, based on his own experience on both sides of the table. Gracias por tu tiempo!
testimonial for mentordial

Joaquin M.

Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff is one of the best entrepreneurs I have ever had the chance to speak with. He has a huge experience with startups and a brilliant capacity to understand the market and identify opportunities. We discussed in details every use case of my business and it was very engaging, not to mention that he provided lots of valuable ideas. At the end of the meeting I felt even more motivated to achieve my objectives.
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Richard L.

Product Manager

My mentor is an incredible mentor: knowledgeable, personable and inspiring. I’ve met jeff several times now, he’s had a transformational impact on our 14 strong startup. He’s help us overcome several roadblocks & sped up our path-to-market. He’s also connected us with some great resources & people. I would recommend organisations contact Jeff if they’re looking to build & execute in B2B, (especially if it involves blazing a path in uncharted territory: new technologies &/or new markets). No mentor, I can now see, means no clear and executable route to market. 6/5 stars.
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Rich James


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