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Excellent mentors and overall great offering for PMs

Excellent mentors who are helpful and engaged. I think the membership program has tremendous value. As a PM this is like gold for, the opportunity to quickly learn from others to then implement at my job. The quality of the mentors is fantastic and their experience is relevant. Excellent customer service - the team is incredibly responsive and works to solve any issues and give advice on how to use the service.


Great product

Great product and very helpful for all users! If you are stuck or want a direction as to how the mentors have excelled and reached the peaks in their respective fields, this is the place to be. You do need to have a curiosity for knowledge and be open to accept your strengths and weaknesses based on the mentors' feedback.


A Best Mentorship Hub

During Covid, I have a hard time getting in touch with mentors. Mentordial changed the dilemma into advantages by offering various mentors and having quality discussions. Mentordial optimized my mentorship experience as much as they could. I'd appreciate it! And I would like to be a mentor at Mentordial to give back to the community in the future.


Excellent mentors

Clemens deserves 10/5 stars - he is incredible! He reached out to me on LinkedIn and we spoke for about 30 minutes about my career goals. His thoughtful professional advice was very instrumental in how I think about what I want to do next, how I want to approach further education, and his positive energy really was infectious! Mentordial is simple to use and a great resource for folks seeking professional guidance.


Great mentors + Cheap membership = No-brainer

Great mentors, combined with a clean user experience, and a cheap membership, is a no-brainer. You should join this platform and get amazing mentorship/advice on any subject.

Joaquin Rodriguez Montero

MentorDial is awesome!

I’ve had an excellent experience working with MentorDial. I’m starting a new business and was easily able to connect with two superstar mentors who were able to help me fill in critical gaps. What I found especially helpful, was the easy access to really quality people, that would be difficult to connect with in the “real” world.

I also found the platform itself very simple, intuitive, and easy to use. As I launch my new business, I will be using MentorDial a lot more to get the help I need. Very highly recommended!

David Fox

I have had a very good experience on…

I have had a very good experience on mentordial tutoring with Clemens who has been there done that! Exactly the type of mentor and advice I was hoping to get.

György Chityil

This website is absolutely amazing

This website is absolutely amazing. I’ve been spending hours and hours sourcing people on upwork and similar site, and then came with a subscription-based model, you can choose top leaders in different areas and all we need to do is to book a time with them. Once I saw how it woks, I immediately subscribed to the yearly plan. The majority of the mentors are included in the plan and some charge from 60 to 370 USD, which is no big deal, since you’re talking to very high experienced people, which you wouldn’t find easily to have a strategic conversation. I had 2 mentorship sessions with amazing people to discuss about my metaverse GoBrunch and highly recommend the service. I really believe MentorDial is the future, not only for people seeking advising, but for hiring professional services in a smart subscription-based model.

Richard Lowenthal

A subscription I do not regret

Mentordial has helped me find an actual mentor who is helping on my career transition journey. One of the best purchases I have made this year.

aishat ajani

A great place to get answers from experts with…

A great place to get answers from experts with real-world experience to your most pressing questions

Jeff Lawy

Great mentorship platform

Great platform to find mentors and be a mentee. Lots of great talent.

Excellent mentors

Excellent mentors. Great resource for folks seeking professional guidance. 100% recommended

Leen Leenaerts

Excellent mentors

Excellent mentors! I’ve had positive experience so far.


Great website

MentorDial has been a great website and asset to my professional life. I have already connected with two mentors and they have both offered me great advice. Highly recommend this service for any people looking to improve their careers!

This is the essence of opportunity

This is the essence of opportunity.
A modest fee and voila! Access to industry experts who've travelled many roads and bring excellent lessons from that experience.

The Mentordial mentors are often at key positions in industries and moreso, they've found where the pitfalls are too.

Great guidance, feedback, constructively offered.

Dr. Tom Chi

More Testimonials

Great chat, very helpful!

John Kuehnert

Clemens gave me great advice on how to deal with VCs, helped me build confidence going into this round of fundraising.

Gopal Vashishtha

Clemens provided us with great feedback on our pitch deck and fundraising process. He went straight to the point with humbleness, based on his own experience on both sides of the table. Gracias por tu tiempo!

Joaquin Rodriguez Montero

Nir is an inspirational mentor! He gave me not only valuable advice but also the courage to pursue my passion.

Sandy Xu

Provided good high level feedback on product, helping answer questions that I had. Come prepared with a set of questions so that Nir can best help you. I appreciate your guidance!

Marin O'Brien

He was very friendly and clear in communication. Gave me some good real time tips for career growth. Felt so positive after our converstaion. Great personality!!!

Wajida Ashraf

My talk with Tristan was so helpful and refreshing! He gave me such a unique insight that really resonated with me, and reassured me about my product management journey!

Sazia Nowshin

Amazing mentor! Very informative and guided me in the right direction as well as provided necessary advises and connected with great people!

Marin O'Brien

Speaking with Tristan was great. I could relate to him so much because he spoke to me about his experiences and learnings. He instills confidence when talking to you. Thank you, Tristan!

Harshi Thaker

Rishi was extremely helpful when it came to advising me on starting my business. He assisted with budgeting/number crunching and gave me ballpark estimates on startup costs. Highly recommend!

elise d

Rishi was a very attentive listener and helped me brainstorm and find some good solutions. Thanks Rishi!

Nick Fiacco

It was very professional and straightforward meeting. Was really helpful for our startup.

Xenia Vogt

Mousom was amazing. He provided great feedback, and was just a cool person to talk to in general. I'd say my 30 minutes with him was absolutely worth it.

Felix Vondee

Yinon dissected the problem in a short span of time and suggested next steps to unblock my issue. He's direct and very articulate, he has a lot of experience and I recommend chatting with him if you have any product related questions.

Taran Gulati

Tim went over the PM interview process for FAANG companies and shared good feedback on how to prepare for interviews. He also went over the details of roles and responsibilities of different PMs at Facebook.

Nikhil Sapru

The call was excellent. Yinon studied our business prior to our meeting which made way easier to understand our challenges. He was one of the first persons in this world who fully understood the big picture of what we are facing and suggested ways to get traction from it. Yinon is a true mentor and I highly recommend him to any startup looking for a honest advice.

Richard Lowenthal

Priyanka's sessions are always helpful and I get new insights on myself everytime we chat! In addition, she genuinely wants to help her mentees. I can tell it brings her joy whenever her words impact her mentees and I love talking with her

Ryan Dao

It was a pleasure speaking with Tristan. He was relatable, and he gave solid advice.

Blessing Mikairu

Rishi is incredibility knowledgeable and generous. He has an awesome strategic mindset and quickly helped me clarify my vision, discover new opportunities, and understand how to scale much more effectively. Plus, Rishi is a rare type of person - one who genuinely cares about making a positive impact in the world and helping people succeed. I’m grateful to have Rishi as a mentor and believe his direction will make a huge difference in the future of my start-up!

David Fox

If you are in ecommerce and/or just starting out in ecommerce, a call with Nivetha is a must have! She is a walking ecommerce encyclopedia, having designed ecommerce strategy, and built and managed teams in Southeast Asia and North America. I have spoken to several ecommerce consultants from firms like McKindet, BCG etc. but none of them possess knowledge in the space even close to what Nivetha possesses. The call with Nivetha was like drinking from a fire hose, and her warm personality made it super fun to be on the call.

Ravi B

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